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The Quiet Revolution in Project Management

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Leadership is very often associated with a strong, outspoken personality. A leader is perceived for example as a person that walks into a room and commands the attention of everybody. This stereotype is also very much alive in the Project environment. In a world where currently extraversion is the ideal, are we missing out on the introverted voices? Sparks have been lit to start a revolution, the Quiet Revolution.

In my talk, I'll challenge some myths about introverts such as “introverts are always shy” or "Introverts are dysfunctional". After reframing “introversion" with the latest scientific data and insights, five practical strategies are presented to enhance skills for project leaders and team members to operate in a evolving world that hasn’t fully accepted introverts yet.


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After earning his MSc. in Electrical Engineering, Erik Leung started his search for his passion and found it in Project Management. Having served in several blue chip companies such as Toyota, Caterpillar, GDF Suez (now Engie) and GEA, he has acquired a broad range of experiences in the field of Project and Program Management and Change Management. His passion for project management shows in his volunteering: he served on the board of PMI Belgium during 2014 and he was the content curator for the Belgian PMI Congress 2016.

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