Filip Dimitrov

Fixed Income Portfolio Manager

Presentation topic

Alternative remuneration - salary-only model is not attractive any more

Presentation abstract

We have all been in a situation where we go to the store to buy pasta only to find out that there is only one type, the not-mine type of pasta. Feeling confident in our pasta picking abilities we go to the next store where we find more than 50 types of pasta. So we spend 10 to 15 minutes evaluating different characteristics of pasta we have never heard before; comparing shape, color, weight, length whether it is bio or not, local or mass produced … All of the sudden our confidence about making simple decisions in life has just vanished. We pick the one that “should do” hopping to have made the right choice betting our dinner (and evening happiness) on the limited pasta information we have.

And this is just pasta; would you like to feel the same way when it comes to your hard earned remuneration? Or would you like to know exactly what types of “pasta” there are and which one is the one that suits you bests?

As an alternative to normal salary payment, a company can remunerate its employees with warrants/stock options which then can be converted to shares in the company. In that way, the employee gets a bigger incentive to care about the development in the company.

Some of the most common and trending remuneration models:

  • Base Salary
  • Short-term incentives (STIs), sometimes known as bonuses
  • Long-term incentive plans (LTIPs)
  • Employee benefits
  • Paid expenses
  • Group insurance
  • Defined Benefit Plan
  • Defined Contribution Plan
  • Stock options
  • Restricted stocks
  • Blockchain


Professional experience

Highly energetic professional with years’ experience across financial analysis and investment management. Possesses detailed knowledge of various financial instruments and strategies with particular expertise in fixed income. Currently portfolio manager for the fixed income exposure, developing, implementing and monitoring the firm’s investment strategy.

After my graduation from the MSc Finance and Investments program at the Rotterdam School of Management, the Netherlands, I knew exactly how I wanted to develop myself professionally. As a first step towards my goal I joined Transactions and Restructuring team as assistant advisor. Later on I took the next step as fixed income analyst at an asset manager from where I arrived at my current position as a fixed income portfolio manager.

Outdoor enthusiast, keen hiker and rock climber.