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Weathering the Storm with a Pro-active PPM Mind-set in the 21st Century 

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Pro-activity is a mindset. Pro-activity is the ability to think ahead and connect the dots, before others have done it. As Stephen Covey famously said in his book The One Minute Manager it is about “starting with the end in mind”. Pro-activity is about doing the right thing without asking for permission. It is about being anticipatory, change-oriented and acting in advance of a future situation, rather than just reacting when things go wrongly. It means taking control and making things happen rather than just adjusting to a situation or waiting for something to happen. In today’s competitive business environment, those responsible for PPM in their organization must be consciously pro-active in their approach to ensure project success.

This presentation will enable PPM professionals to focus first and foremost on pro-actively taking charge of their own energy and then help to orchestrate the energy of those around them. Simply put, a Pro-active PPM professional is like a musical conductor who orchestrates and extracts the best traits out of each team member to make the most of the performance through pro-actively building a culture of success. This approach must start at the project level and follow at the programme and portfolio level, but as PPM professionals we are already facing extraordinary challenges. If we are looking to make the leap to become Pro-active PPM Leaders we are standing in front of a steep cliff, but following your the tips in the presentation and following your compass push your team (and the profession) beyond their comfort zone and to the pinnacle of successful project, programme and portfolio maturity.

That being said, how do we go from navigating uncertainty to orchestrating impactfull organizational transformation? How do we embed Pro-active PPM Leadership in the mindset of senior management? How do we change the focus from technical skills to leadership based competencies? Here are the golden rules to start making the transition right now including:

  • Communicate with the WHY not only the ROI: Golden Circle of Project Management
  • Evoke the Human Aspect of Projects: Humour, Social & Balance
  • Be a Story Teller: Emotions Drive People, and People Drive Performance (the art of PM)
  • Be Bridge Builder: Look beyond walls and Builds Bridges among Generations and Continents
  • Be a Process Transformer: Create or Re-build Processes that Stand in your Way
  • Be a Mentor: Transmit Organizational know-how, mentorship & Lessons Learned
  • What’s in it for me: Arousing solid buy-in and senior management commitment
  • Be Community: Build your Tribe of Values to Inspire Loyalty, Leadership & Authority
  • Transition from the Iron Triangle to the Value-Triangle

Kamil Mroz: Professional experience

Kamil is certified P2 practitioner, Lean Six Sigma professional & strategic consultant (in BSC & EFQM techniques) combined with many years of experience leading projects for clients in Biotech & Pharma. He is deeply involved in the PM community as an International Correspondent for PMWorldJournal - regularly speaking at PM conferences, actively contributing to publications and enthusiastically sharing his experience with the next generation of project managers! In 2013 Kamil received the prestigious International Project Management Association (IPMA) Young Project Manager of the Year Award for outstanding leadership and project management excellence, and since then he has been part of the yearly Global IPMA Jury to select future winners.