Levent Korkmaz


Digital Evolution Evangelist & Capacity Builder

I. Presentation Topic

Digital Revolution/Evolution Trends and the Future of Work 

Digital Disruption and Globalisation are transforming the nature of work in the “gig economy” and the PMO has to assume a key role in the digital enterprise (requiring self-transformation and digital mind-set/skills/toolbox). With the arrival of extreme forms of automation (Robots & Artificial Intelligence), even the internal organization of an enterprise and “management” will have to function like a “digital brain” (Big Data & Machine Learning) and adopt new technologies that go beyond traditional IT. A deeper look into the role of PMO in support of digital strategies/operations.

II. Workshop

...after a short briefing based on the above “trends”, we will explore (in 4-5 groups) both external/market/society and internal/organizational challenges brought by digital r/evolutions and facilitate project managers to draw an adaptive roadmap of self-transformation to lead transformation:

  • [IMAGINE] Future of work scenarios: from creative destruction to destructive creation
  • [INVENT] Strategic role of PMO in the digital enterprise
  • [INNOVATE] Digital mind-set and a roadmap for future PM skills
  • [INITIATE] How to start transforming the transformers

Professional experience

After masters and postgraduate research in international trade theory and computer simulation modelling for economic development policy (which he dropped after discovering chaos theory and emergence of self-organisation) Levent moved to a business career during the dot.com collapse as strategic planning consultant and business intelligence expert at Compaq CRM Center of Excellence. From business strategy and KPI performance management he moved to functional implementation of business processes, database management, platform design and architecture. He worked as database and process analyst/auditor/engineer and CRM architect for multinationals such as Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Cisco, Avaya, Alcatel-Lucent, Nokia and AkzoNobel. Levent has also introduced digital capacity and Salesforce CRM for fundraising, community and donor management into many non-profits and charities like Amnesty International, Christian Aid, United Cities and Local Governments of Africa, European Venture Philanthropy Association, European Sustainable Investment Forum, Lisbon Council, Royal Parks Foundation, Trust for Social Achievement and Digital Leadership Institute.

Currently he’s implementing and coaching a new generation of digital enterprise practices and capacity building while evangelizing digital transformation/evolution. His mission for 2020 is to transform Bulgaria into a digital success story through people development.

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