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When the PM has to make difficult decisions: A new tool to help you

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Have you ever had a difficult decision to make in your projects and didn’t know what to do?

You can call all team members from your project, and possibly other projects, explain the problem, and ask them to make the decision (or find the solution) for you. Normally, it doesn’t work, but there’s a framework you can use to enable it. There’s also a by-product: people in the team will trust you more than before, you will have their buy-in, and you will get better results.

Does it really work?

The initial idea was based on an accidental, small experience I had with a phenomenon called The Wisdom of Crowds. Then I wanted to be sure about it, so I invited my network to an experience. More than 700 people involved in project management from 42 countries volunteered, and we tried to solve a problem that one of the volunteers had in his projects. We generated the answer, and 81% of the people involved said that they find it a good way of decision making and problem solving, and they are going to use it in their projects.

I’ll tell you about this experiment, the framework I’ve prepared for that, and the underlying concepts that drive it.

It’s all about practical project management.


Professional experience

Nader K. Rad is a project management author and adviser with 15 years of experience in various industries. His goal is to help individuals and companies improve their project related systems.

He has been the author of about 50 books, designer of many PM courses, and involved as core team member, consultant, reviewer, or contributor in a number of world-class standards or certification programs, including PRINCE2®, PRINCE2 Agile™, PMBOK® Guide,, and Agile Scrum Master™.

Nader is a managing partner at Management Plaza.

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