Slavy Slavov


Director Professional Services

Presentation topic

Lessons Learned in People Management

Presentation abstract

How important is it to retain the right talent? How important is it to not retain the wrong talent? How would you build performance driven culture? Make or break your organization and business. What was I looking for as a manager 5 years ago and what am I looking for now in the people I interview. What do I understand under accountability and driving force and why people are scared by these? Managing inherited organizational structure and building it from scratch.

Want to hear blunt thoughts - Stay tuned…it’s coming.


Professional experience

Over 15 years in software business. Managing organizations from 5 to 150+ people. Focus on growth and improvements. Hired or fired more than 200 people. Specialties: ecommerce, optimization, growing ecommerce businesses, hiring, process optimizations, performance tools, automation tools, security, web automation, cross browser testing tools.